Wodprocessing and Spreadsheets

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Definition of Word processing:

Word processing is generally the creation, editing, formatting, storage of both printed, online\electronic documents.

More information on Word processing:

Microsoft Word is most likely to be the best business, home and educational word processing application for computers. This is one the best applications for word processing because it is constantly updated and newer versions are released, to fix bugs and errors from the previous versions (this also means more features get introduced). This application (Microsoft word) runs smoother and is quite simple and easy to understand,for a beginner it is great software. There are complex features in Microsoft word as well, but if you are a beginner or if you are new to word processing then the basics is all you need. Microsoft word ensures knowing the basics will enable you to create a professional letter, curriculum vitae, essay etc (documents). Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation program and Excel spreadsheet program. Most word processors include the same essential word-processing functions, but a few word processing software’s such a Microsoft word offers a variety of more-advanced features for document production and formatting. But in my We site you will only learn the basics.

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Definition of Spreadsheet:

A spreadsheet is a application software that enables you to organization and analysis your data into a nice column and row format(table).

More information on Spreadsheets:

In today’s world Microsoft Excel is an application software that is commonly used for spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are computerized replications of accounting paper. The program operates on data that is embodied as cells of an array, each structured in rows and columns. Spreadsheet can have cells that contain either numeric or text data, or the results of formulas such as ( SUM, AVERAGE, MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, COUNT and many more) that are automatically calculated and displayed as a value based on the contents of other cells, This depends on what formula you are using. Spreadsheets have now replaced paper-based systems such as accounts and ledger books. Throughout businesses, schools and households, they now are used extensively in many contexts where tabular lists are built, sorted and shared. Microsoft Excel makes life easier by providing a smooth and enriching experience, when you are using it for spreadsheet development. Just like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel is updated constantly to fix bugs and flaws in the previous designs. And again this means more features are added.

Please watch in full screen 1080p version, make sure to follow the cursor carefully to understand the basic features and also read the popups.

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